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The trespasser may not be a burglar, it could be the mailman, your gardner, or it could simply be someone you know who is not aware of your absence and is coming for a surprise visit. As you receive the warning call you can grab your laptop or get online with any computer, go to the security company website, usually the same company which installed your remote monitoring security system, enter your username and password and "see" what is happening on your property. If it looks like a burglar you can call the police. You will have the video recording to prove the suspect was behaving as a burglar. Additionally the images recorded may help identify the person. By the way, none of your flood lights should be facing your hidden cameras.

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Abode charges $27 for a spare key fob compared with SimpliSafe's $24. 99, Protect America charges $49. 95, and Smanos offers pair of fobs for $49. 95. The Abode Indoor Streaming Camera $149, which the company sent along for testing, is around $50 more than the one you get from Simplisafe, but it's $40 cheaper than the one from Protect America. The Abode system also supports Nest devices, allowing you to view video from a Nest Cam when a sensor is triggered, integrate with the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and control heating with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

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Other home owners use this feature to turn on lighting in the home before they leave their office so they do not have to enter an unlit home. This feature is also beneficial for deterring intruders since it allows homeowners to make it look as though someone is home when they are not. Jump on over to see our top recommendations for the best home automation systems that will help reduce the energy consumption in your home. I’ve been selling security and home automation for 5 years door to door for a very big company that I will leave un named on here. Due to my own insecurities and love for other human beings I tried to guilt my self for selling people and charging their accounts 44 80$ every month, I realize this is only because I’m the one selling it so I’m hard on my self. At the end of the day even trying to beat my self up over being a sales man bottom line it is a good product.