Pre-Employment Testing

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, many companies are resorting to ascertain the ideal candidate for your job. A test that is appropriate can help narrow the area while resumes provide companies with some insight to the capacity of applicants. There are also drawbacks to testing. There are laws forbidding disrespectful or discriminatory questions.


Tests provide many benefits to companies. Some benefits that are such comprise:

    • Employers may identify traits that are positive in applicants, such as ethics
    • Employers may identify adverse traits within applicants, such as chemical dependence and inclinations toward thieving
    • Provides additional insight into candidates
    • Helps ascertain differences between applicants who looked equal after assessing their resumes and undergoing a meeting.


Regrettably testing is disadvantageous for companies. Some downsides include:

    • Test results are only one factor of this procedure. Employers must base their choice on other elements, like their expertise, qualifications and meeting.
    • All evaluations administered by companies have to be certified for validity and reliability
    • Exam results are not necessarily indicative of applicants’ ability to carry out their occupation. Tests concentrate on candidates’ potential.
    • Testing requirements have to be just and consistent for every single candidate
    • Testing will remove some candidates that are exceptionally qualified but don’t work well on evaluations
    • Applicants can respond poorly to the exam. If they think the test was discriminatory, they can lawfully challenge the evaluation.


When companies should be conscious of the legislation pertaining to employment testing, any queries that require applicants to disclose are prohibited.

Employers discriminate against applicants since they suppose that the older they are pay they will request.

Applying for work, this legislation protects minorities.

    • Disability status-some companies will discriminate against individuals with disabilities, even though they will not impede the applicant’s occupation performance. The Americans with disabilities act from asking questions prohibit employers.
    • Sexual taste is and that is personal irrelevant from inquiring. This legislation protects members be discriminated against.

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