How Legal is CBD Oil?

Many have questioned whether or not it is legal to purchase cannabidiol substances in various countries. You can easily find CBD products everywhere, particularly CBD oils and nasal sprays, but even though it doesn’t contain traces of THC, CBD it is still an active component in marijuana. But, many CBD oil products are made out of hemp, which means there is still roughly 0.3 percent of THC left. The DEA has issued a new rule on updates regarding the marijuana policy where therapeutic drugs containing less than 0.5 percent of THC is considered as a “CBD-only” product.

However, under federal law in the united states, anything that contains THC, even at a 0.1 percent is still considered marijuana and considered illegal. While currently, the United States has completely legalized the use of medical marijuana, CBD oils can be considered as a medical drug used to treat people with social anxiety, reduce stress, and improve moods without needing to make someone how. It is understandable on the risks that could happen if a person were to smoke pure marijuana while running everyday tasks like driving, but, Cannabidiol is much easier to obtain compared to marijuana and has been used before any advance studies were done to finding out on its potential side effects.

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